Australia Online Furniture Shopping Store - About El Badi

At El Badi, we believe in the timeless appeal of well-loved items. Our collection of vintage and bespoke pieces is thoughtfully curated according to our values of craftsmanship, style, sustainability and beauty. Every piece at El Badi embraces the ethos of Wabi-sabi: observing the beauty of organic imperfections that make each of these pieces one of a kind. This allows us to provide you with an eclectic range of diverse furniture and homewares that tell stories, not only of the master artisans around the world who created them, but the rich history of these pieces across time. 

Experience the joy of finding that perfect, unique piece that feels like it was made just for you.

In a world rushing towards the new, our commitment to sustainability sees us taking a different path - one that reveres the past and naturally aged. Our approach not only elevates the vintage and organic but also supports sustainable practices, reducing waste by giving each item a second chance to be loved and appreciated.